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Buda Juice - Sunflower Shoppe is proud to support this local fresh organic juice processor.- Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Buda Juice, a local company located in Plano TX is the brainchild of Bernard Nussbamer and Horatio Londsale-Hands. Bernard, who is also an avid yogi, car racer and photographer, with the restaurant expertise of Horatio, passionate windsurfer and co-founder of ZuZu Handmade Mexican Food, which he turned into a national award-winning Fast Casual chain. Buda Juice makes their juices in a cold-press that ensures the purity of the nutrients stays intact, as heat destroys valuable enzymes, vitamins and minerals and then they package them in glass bottles to seal in the nutrients.

What makes Buda Juices different from other juices?

THE PRODUCE - They use only certified organic produce that goes from farm to consumer in 5 days or less, fresh from the fields. If they can’t source it organically they don’t juice it. They press several pounds of produce for each juice.

COLD CHAIN PRODUCTION - Buda Juice is the only juice company with an unbroken cold chain from farm to bottle. Refrigerated trucks take produce from farm to their refrigerated kitchen. Once bottled, it’s delivered on refrigerated trucks. Cold slows down the oxidation process, maximizing nutrients and enzymes.

THEIR KITCHEN - Their state-of-the-art kitchen is 35°F year-round (brrr!) Buda Juice is SQF (Safe Quality Food Institute) certified, meaning that they hold themselves to the highest Juice HACCP standards.

THEIR PRESS - They use pounds of pressure to squeeze the juice out. This avoids drawing air into the juice, and there is no heat involved, especially as they cold press at 35°. This minimizes oxidation. Pressing extracts more juice than other methods too, so you get not only more juice but more nutrients.

THE JUICE - After all this work the last thing that they would want to do is strip the juice of its living properties, so no pasteurization or HPP (high pressure processing) to extend the shelf life of Buda juice. It’s all is 100% raw, fresh and living. One sip and your taste buds will dance in delight...

DON’T FORGET THE BOTTLES - Glass is 100% natural, 100% recyclable. Plastic is made from chemicals, can mimic hormones, and cannot be recycled back into bottles. Plastic is also known to leach compounds when paired with citrus and other foods. They also donate the organic pulp to local farmers.

Meet the BUDA Juices

NO 01: Green Juice 16 oz.
Honest and crisp. Leafy greens. Spicy ginger. Tangy lemon. Hint of sweet apple. Our staple—packed with iron, vitamins A & C, a good source of calcium too—will detoxify and protect. It feels good to be green!


Daily veggies + vitamins + Detox + alkalizing agent + Gut soother


Spinach + Cucumber + Celery + Apple + Lemon + Ginger + Kale + Parsley

No 02: Red Juice 16 oz.

Bold and sexy. Did you know beets are natural aphrodisiacs? Or that they can relax you just like chocolate? Beets can also lower your stress level, while giving you the extra boost you need to get through those long afternoon meetings. What more could you ask for?


Stamina booster + Stress reliever + Blood Purifier


Celery + Beet + Apple + Ginger + Parsley

No 03: Orange Juice 16 oz.

Fiery and sweet. Cool carrots and a delicate citrus balance. Drink from the fountain of youth. Glow from within. Let the carrots melt away the years. No wonder the kids love this one too. “Orange” you glad it tastes so good?


Anti-oxidant powerhouse* + Skin + eye brightener + Anti-aging ambassador | *vitamin C and beta-carotene (as vitamin A)


Carrot + Orange + Apple + Cucumber

No 04: Blue Lemonade 16 oz.

Surprising and refreshing. Chill cucumber. Ambrosial apple. Liquid lemon. Sure to energize, invigorate, and detoxify. Alkalizing and hydrating at the same time. Enjoy your daily citrus squeeze!


Post workout electrolytes + Alkalizing energy elixir + Hangover Cure


Apple + Cucumber + Lemon

No 05: Pure Green Juice 16 oz.

Pure and simple. Nothing but lush green veggies in this beauty packed full of antioxidants C and beta-carotene (as vitamin A) and immune support. Did you know that mint is a natural stimulant? Mint and fennel are also famous for aiding digestion and freshening your breath so pucker up!


Brain booster + Radical remover + Liver cleanser


Cucumber + Fennel + Spinach + Kale + Lime + Mint

No M1: Buda Almond Milk 16 oz.

Alluring and smooth. Protein pick-me-up disguised as delectable dessert. Satisfy your sweet tooth while stimulating your mind and boosting your energy. Our favorite vegan treat that you can feel good about too. Try mixing it up with our No 02 or No 03 for a red or orange twist to spice things up.


Healthy cholesterol support + Balanced vegan protein + Smart hunger quencher


Filtered Water + Almond + Vanilla + Cinnamon + Cardamom

No S1: Buda Basilato Soup 16 oz.

Frothy and fun. Teasing tomatoes. Bashful basil. Obliging olive oil. Sure to amuse your taste buds. Full of antioxidants C and beta-carotene (as vitamin A)and a good source of fiber too, these vivacious veggies will satiate, detoxify and aid digestion. Don’t be deceived by the creamy texture. No hidden dairy here!


Healthy heart lover + Kidney flusher + Detox + Digestive Aid


Tomato + Cucumber + Sea Salt + Basil+ Olive Oil

Compare BUDA Juice to other juice offerings

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The Top 5 Mosquito Prevention Tips- Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Ever feel like during a cookout you’re what’s really on the menu? Nothing ruins a good time outdoors more than giant mosquitoes flying off with your guests! Only in Texas right? In all seriousness mosquito control not only prevents the itch but can also lessen your chances catching several mosquito-borne diseases such as Zika, West Nile, Yellow Fever, malaria, encephalitis, and the list goes on.1

There are over 200 species of mosquitoes in the US and Texas has the most at 85.2 Each species has its preference on what attracts or repels it and that is why here at the Shoppe we recommend using as many of our top 5, research backed, mosquito prevention techniques together as you can for the most effective prevention.

1. Citronella is one of the most well-known and effective of the plant-based mosquito repellents. First extracted in the mid-18th century as a perfume ingredient in France, users quickly realized that they weren’t being bit. By the turn of the century the Indian Military was using citronella to repel mosquitoes.3 Research shows us that citronella is effective for two hours after application. We recommend burning citronella candles as well as applying the essential oil topically. For a spray, mix 5 drops of citronella with 2 ounces of water.

2. Neem is an Ayurvedic herb popular in India for its pesticide and germicide properties. Some studies have shown than neem is an effective repellent for up to 12 hours!4 We recommend mixing 10 drops of neem oil with ¼ cup of coconut oil and applying to exposed skin. Avoid eyes.

3. Get a bat house.5  Why? Bats love bugs. Bats thrive on an insect based diet and will eat moths, beetles, flies, gnats, and mosquitoes. A single bat can eat 1200 mosquitoes per hour and up to 8,000 mosquitoes a night!6  Somewhat ironically, and contrary to what Hollywood would have us believe, bats are actually our best defense against bloodsuckers.

4. Vitamin B1 was first investigated in the 1960s as a possible deterrent against female mosquitoes. When we take large amounts of B1 the excess is excreted via our skin and sweat glands, apparently the odor B1 makes in our skin repels mosquitoes. We recommend adding 100mg or more of B1 along with your current regimen.

5. Fan/Wind can be a great deterrent to mosquitoes as even a slight breeze can disrupt their flight patterns and scent detecting abilities.7 mosquitoes fly up to 1.5 mph’s2 and will avoid any area with wind approaching or exceeding that speed.

With these proven mosquito prevention techniques, you should be able to enjoy your summer outdoors with friends and family without getting eaten alive.









Product focus: MyChelle – Quick Clean Micellar Water- Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Stop washing your face with harsh soaps and start cleansing your face for healthier skin using micellar water from MyChelle.

Traditional make-up removers and facial cleanses use harsh chemical solvents to dissolve make-up pigments. These solvents often strip the skin’s natural protectors, leave behind residues, and cause skin tugging as you wipe them away.  Enter micellar water, the well-kept French secret that is finally making waves across the pond. Micellar water is a gentle skin cleanser for all skin types that removes dirt, oil, and make-up in a single no-rinse step without leaving an oily residue behind.

Micellar water sounds like something straight out of the future, but it was actually developed over 100 years ago in France to deal with the notoriously harsh water there. Micellar water is composed of micelles, which are tiny spheres of oil cleansing molecules, suspended in soft water. The micelles are made up of double ended molecules where one end loves water (hydrophilic) and the other end prefers oil instead (hydrophobic). Put in water, they form tiny spheres with a water loving outside and a water-hating, oil loving, inside. When you gently apply micellar water to your skin the spheres break up, attract all the oil, dirt and grime, and then close up again, capturing them as you wipe them away.

Mychelle takes micellar water to the next level with strawberry and kiwi extracts that help soften and refresh all skin types along with anti-oxidant rich lotus flower and bamboo extracts. These ingredients work to form a barrier that protects the skin from pollutants, irritants, and damaging free-radicals. Pick up a bottle today so you can feel (and see) the MyChelle, micellar water difference.

Navigator Soap - Land, Air and Sea- Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Navigator Soap - Maker of superior natural bath and health products for men. Live long and look good doing it!

If you go to the men’s section in the personal care isle at any store you’ll notice two things: Men are underrepresented and few natural products exist that address the unique needs of modern, active, men. Most products use cheap scents and synthetic chemicals that strip away our hair and skins natural protection. That is why here at the Shoppe we are proud to be expanding our men’s personal care section with a new line: Navigator Soap.

Navigator Soap has created 3 unique product lines Land, Air, and Sea each formulated to protect and support a man’s healthy hair and skin. Whether it is beard oil, shave cream, or shower gel each product line is crafted in small batches using the best ingredients from around the world. Here’s what makes each line unique.

Land: Argan, Jojoba, and carrot seed oil are the highlights of this line. Argan reduces inflammation, while jojoba moisturizes and carrot seed oil is loaded with antioxidants. With this combination many men report less razor burn and ingrown hairs. Not to mention the powerful effects these oils have on grey hair and wrinkle prevention.

Air: Along with argan, jojoba, and carrot this line includes tea tree, spearmint, and camphor oils. Tea tree has proven benefits for acne, eczema, psoriasis, and razor burn, while the unique combination of camphor and spearmint oils are very invigorating, increase circulation, while reducing anxiety and tension.  
Sea: The Sea product line harness the unique power of the ocean with Nori seaweed extract for its proven anti-aging and regenerative benefits for hair and skin. Seaweeds are sources of beneficial minerals and antioxidants that allow them to survive in some of the harshest environments on the planet. For skin and hair this means regeneration of cells and protection from the pollution and chemicals we encounter on daily basis.

Whether by Land, Air, or Sea come check out Navigator Soaps to protect and nourish your healthy hair and skin!

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Top 5 supplements for men- Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Keep your life on track and your healthful goals in reach with the top 5 supplements every man can benefit from.

Diet and nutrition play an important role in a man’s health. The right supplements can protect your heart, increase energy and focus, boost your immune system, and improve your sex life. With so many supplements available it can be tough figuring out what to take. Here we look at the top 5 supplements for men with proven benefits that you can feel. 

Multivitamin: Multivitamins are the best way to ensure we are getting the nutrients that are hard to get from diet alone. One such nutrient that is vital for men is vitamin d. With almost half of the population being deficient it is important to supplement.1 Vitamin D3 helps optimize testosterone, bone health, and the immune system.2 For men, a good multivitamin goes beyond the basics to include herbs like saw palmetto for prostate health, antioxidants for the heart, and turmeric for inflammation.

Fish oil: We’ve all heard the beneficial fats known as omega-3s in fish oil are cardio protective and an essential brain fuel.3 Did you also know they are essential for hormone balance and cellular function? Omega-3s make our cells both more flexible and permeable so they can transport nutrients and hormones in and out as well get rid of waste. Keep your hormones optimized and your bodies running efficiently with fish oil.

CoQ10: Coenzyme Q10 is an essential nutrient that helps fuel every cell in the body. The highest concentration of CoQ10 is found in the heart which we see most of the benefits. CoQ10 can lower blood pressure and protect blood vessels from damage.4 CoQ10 has also been studied for its ability to improve sperm quality as well as its ability to help burn fat during exercise.

Ginseng: Ginseng has been used as a vitality enhancer for thousands of years. A Korean study showed that 60% of males who used ginseng reduced erectile dysfunction.5  Other proven benefits include lowering blood sugar, enhancing metabolism, reducing stress, and improving brain function. There are many forms of ginseng but the most researched for men would be Korean “red” ginseng.

Magnesium: Magnesium is the number one nutrient we aren’t getting through diet. With up to 68% of the population deficient supplementation is vital.6 Magnesium has over 600 metabolic functions ranging from energy production to muscle building. Magnesium has been shown to lower stress hormones, improve sleep, reduce inflammation, and protect the brain. In fact, in times of stress the body’s demand for magnesium dramatically increases. For men this is especially important because stress is one of the main reasons for inflammation, heart disease, and low testosterone.

So men, next time you’re in the Shoppe talk to one of our trained nutritionist to find the best supplements in each category to take your health to the next level.


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