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Aims to provide high-quality, reliable information about complementary and alternative therapies to clinicians, patients, and healthcare institutions. Through systematic aggregation and analysis of scientific data, incorporation of historic and folkloric perspectives, consultation with multidisciplinary editorial experts, use of validated grading scales, and blinded peer-review processes, Natural Standard builds evidence-based and consensus-based content. This content is designed to support safer and more informed therapeutic decisions.

As the volume of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) safety concerns and scientific research increases, clinicians and patients are faced with progressively complex therapeutic decisions. These issues, coupled with a growing consciousness amongst practitioners that many patients utilize CAM therapies, has created a need for high-quality information services and decision support utilities.

However, there has been a paucity of rigorous, peer-reviewed, evidence-based resources in this area. Sources of CAM information are often not updated with appropriate frequency, rely on anecdotal evidence rather than an evidence-based approach, are not rooted in academic health centers, are not scientifically rigorous, and do not encompass a multidisciplinary approach.

In response to this need, the Natural Standard Research Collaboration was formed as a multidisciplinary, multi-institution initiative in January 2000. Natural Standard content and rigorous methodology are designed to address issues of safety and efficacy that directly pertain to the questions raised by clinicians, patients, and healthcare institutions.

CAM is one part of a larger healthcare context that is becoming progressively integrated. Natural Standard aspires to raise the standards for CAM information, towards improving the quality of healthcare delivery overall.

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