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King Bio Soothing Advanced Arnica is a cooling topical homeopathic cream. King Bio Soothing Advanced Arnica is for back and neck pain, muscle and joint pain, muscle cramps and stiffness, inflamed muscles and joints, sprains, muscle tension and soreness, body aches, tired legs and feet, stiff and swollen joints. King Bio Soothing Advanced Arnica contains 3 forms of arnica in five potencies for deep-acting soothing relief of muscle pain, discoloration from brusing, stiffness, swelling, injuries and inflammation.

  • Non-greasy, pure cream formula
  • Mild, natural lemon scent
  • Can be used before or after exercise
  • Excellent for massaging sore, stiff muscles
  • Free of dyes, propylene glycol and petroleum by-products.

Powerful Physician Tested Formulas
Each natural ingredient is selected by its clinical results over the past 200 years of study. As a physician based company, they have developed synergistic combinations of the finest natural ingredients found most effective for today's health problems. The comprehensive ingredients in a given formula are selected for their ability to complement the other formulas, creating an advanced therapeutic effect that is greater than the sum of the parts.

Natural homeopathic medicines have become the first of all the natural remedies to be registered by the FDA as a drug product. King Bio Natural Medicines offer a safe natural solution backed by science, clinical experience, FDA registration and most importantly the test of time.

Safe - No Side Effects
In 200 years of clinical use, homeopathy has had NO recorded side effects and NO negative reactions with other drugs. King Bio Natural Medicines are the safest products on the planet. These outstanding time tested results and safety are unprecedented in the history of medicine.

Pure Water Based - Taste Free Medicine
You are probably used to medicines that have to be sugar-coated or have their flavor masked in some way in order to get them down. King Bio Natural Medicines are pleasingly different and fun to take! King Bio's unique triple potency process creates a pleasantly taste free medicine in a pure water base. No alcohol, no sugar and no taste to get tired of. Everybody from newborns to grandparents will enjoy taking King Bio Natural Medicines.

Triple Potency Power
King Bio Natural Medicines contain an average of 15 ingredients with each made in equal volumes of 10x, 30x and LM1 potencies equaling 45 individually made ingredients in a single formula. This progressive formulating process provides a broader therapeutic spectrum that delivers faster results, a higher percentage of results and a higher percentage of actual cures!

Added Value 
Averaging 45 individually made ingredients in each King Bio Natural Medicine formula is a very labor- intensive process. However, the added therapeutic results are well worth the efforts. King Bio's large 2-oz bottle supplies a 60-day average supply. Compare this to other products which may provide only a 7-15 day supply. At less than 7 cents per dose, King Bio Natural Medicines are also the most economical products in the market place!

Environmentally Friendly
King Bio uses high-density plastics so there is no leaching into the medicine. King Bio's #2 recyclable bottle is ecologically designed for both our body as well as our environment. Please recycle!

Long Shelf Life
All King Bio Natural Medicines will retain full potency for a period of three years. Exposing the formula to temperatures over 110°F may alter its effectiveness over time. It is best not to leave your medicines in your car in the summer.

Superior Customer Service
King Bio's professional customer service people are personally trained by Dr. King to help you. King Bio is committed to sharing the latest advances in products and procedures. King Bio's heart is to see the full potentials of homeopathy available to every home (home-opathy).


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