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Published on Fri Aug 10, 2018 - 2 min read

Published by: Bryan Bradford

As August begins now is the perfect time to establish a healthy back to school regimen for your child that will keep them on top all year long.

Soon summer will be winding down, and the air of fall will come as kids gear up to go back to school. Parents you have to get ready too by carving out a new schedule, setting alarm clocks, packing lunches, looking over homework, etc. It can be a stressful time, but for the kids, it’s often even more stressful. After being outside for the summer with plenty of fresh air, exercise, and vitamin D production kids are going to be spending more time indoors in crowded classrooms exposed to other kids’ germs. Kids will be rushed, stressed, and they may often skip breakfast even though now more than ever they need it to fuel the brain to keep them focused from the first bell to homework time.

To help ease the stress, improve immunity, and keep your child’s brain in top gear we have put together a list of foundational supplements great for school kids at any age.

  1. Fish oil is critical for eye, nerve and brain health as it contains the essential omega-3s EPA and DHA1. Recent analyses have shown that those with ADHD have lowered levels of omega 3s and that supplementing with fish oil significantly improved symptoms2. Fish oils also can help combat inflammation3, depression4, diabetes5, and asthma6! 
  2. Vitamin D is essential for thousands of functions in the body, but for kids in school, it is vital for its immune and brain-boosting properties7. Vitamin D affects proteins involved in learning, memory, and social behavior8 while boosting executive functions such as goal-directed behavior, attention, and adaptability to change9. When it comes to immunity, studies have shown that higher levels of vitamin D not only help prevent infection but help you recover faster10. 
  3. Bacopa is an Ayurvedic herb with potent stress-reducing properties that also boosts certain neurotransmitters which help with anxiety and depression11. However, the most significant benefit of bacopa may be for ADHD symptoms. In a recent 12-week study children who took 50 mg twice daily showed improvements in mental control, logical memory, and learning ability12. Amazingly, these benefits lasted months after stopping bacopa. 
  4. Probiotics are essential for the immune system, digestion, and brain health. A recent study showed that probiotics reduced the incidence of upper respiratory infections by 30%13. Another study showed that probiotics could protect against and even reverse food sensitivities to common allergens like corn, dairy, and gluten14. Probiotics also help produce several neurotransmitters and neurohormones that not only help prevent depression and anxiety but help strengthen our resistance to stress15. 
  5. B-complex vitamins improve ADHD symptoms in children, especially B-616 and B-1217. According to one study, those with the highest intake of B vitamins as young adults had a significantly better cognitive function in midlife than those with the lowest intake18. Not to mention that B vitamins are important for both mental and physical energy19 as well as our resilience to stress20.

Stop by the Shoppe this month; our nutrition specialist would be happy to help you find the perfect back to school regimen for your children’s unique needs.



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