Lipo Blast: Sunflower Shoppe’s new Citrus Based Cholesterol support featured in the Wall Street Journal

Published on Wed Jul 5, 2017 - 2 min read

Published by: Bryan Bradford

Bergamot, a citrus fruit native to Southern Italy and famously a flavoring in Earl Grey tea, is making waves in our fight to lower cholesterol without side effects.1 The WSJ article spotlighted new research showing that bergamot not only lowers cholesterol but also helps with blood sugar control, fatty liver disease, inflammation, and metabolic syndrome.2 Sunflower Shoppe has tapped into these research proven benefits with our new product LipoBlast.

Over 800,000 thousand Americans die each year due to cardiovascular disease and high cholesterol is a major risk factor.3 40% of Americans, 80 million people, need to lower cholesterol, but only half of them are taking a statin.3 Part of the reason people aren’t using statins may be the side effects and dangers these drugs present4. The FDA warns that statins may cause muscle weakness and pain, nerve damage, liver damage, type II diabetes5, and neurological symptoms such as memory loss and confusion.4, 5 I’m sure you can see the irony of a drug that is supposed to help protect the heart causing muscle damage and weakness.6

Bergamonte® a patented extract of Bergamot found in LipoBlast actually improves cardiac function and protects the heart while lowering cholesterol.7, 10 In one study Italian researchers gave Bergamonte® to 237 patients with high cholesterol, high triglycerides, and/or high blood sugar. After 30 days an up to 30% decrease in total cholesterol was noted with an up to 40% increase in HDL and a 36% decrease in LDL. Further, triglycerides were decreased by 39% along with a 22% reduction in blood sugar.8 

As if these blockbuster results weren’t enough to get you excited a second trial was conducted with Bergamonte® to test its effects on fatty liver disease, inflammation, and insulin resistance. In this trial 107 patients were given 650mg of Bergamonte® twice a day for 120 days. At the end of the trial, a 99% reduction in fatty liver was noted! HS-CRP and TNF-α, both measures of inflammation were reduced 22 and 26% respectively.9

These striking results suggest that Bergamonte® is correcting deep metabolic dysfunctions.10As an alternative to popular medications, without the potential dangers and side effects, ask your doctor if LipoBlast is right for you.



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Bryan Bradford

Bryan Bradford is the lead nutrition specialist, Certified Health Coach and Chief Nutrition Officer and one of the founding family members of Sunflower Shoppe.

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