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Published on Sun Oct 15, 2023

In A Nutshell

Bryan is taking the month of October to shine a light on some of the fantastic female business owners that we are fortunate to work with at the Sunflower Shoppe. This week we introduce you to Cassie Green! Cassie Green-Stephens has been in the health, wellness, and food world for over 15 years. After previously spending 10 years in corporate sales and management, she opened her first business, a boutique organic grocery store in 2008 called Green Grocer Chicago. After opening a second store in 2013 in Dallas, she decided to deepen her studies of health and nutrition so she completed the Certified Health Coach program with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. from Cassie Green Health
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Bryan Bradford

Bryan Bradford is the lead nutrition specialist, Certified Health Coach and Chief Nutrition Officer and one of the founding family members of Sunflower Shoppe.

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