Maximizing Your Metabolism

Published on Mon Feb 12, 2024

In A Nutshell

In this conversation, Glenn Depke discusses the importance of metabolic health and how it can be supported through diet, exercise, and specific nutrients. He highlights the prevalence of metabolic inflexibility in our culture and the impact of inflammation on metabolic health. Glenn introduces four products from Dr. McCollough's line that can aid in supporting metabolic health: BioThin Berberine with Chromium, Bitter Melon with Golden Seal, BioThin Probiotic, and Wildcrafted Apple Extract. He explains the benefits of each product and how they can contribute to improved metabolic health. The conversation emphasizes the need for a comprehensive approach to metabolic health, including lifestyle changes and targeted supplementation. from Maximizing Your Metabolism
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Bryan Bradford

Bryan Bradford is the lead nutrition specialist, Certified Health Coach and Chief Nutrition Officer and one of the founding family members of Sunflower Shoppe.

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