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Women’s Health: The Top 5 Supplements for Every Woman

May 4, 2022

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The Importance of Probiotic Diversity

Brenda Watson, CNC joins the conversation with Bryan to talk about our gut microbiome and the benefi

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Listening to Your Pain

Our guest speaker on this informative podcast is a local Chiropractor: Dr. James Dixon from Evolve C

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Breathe Easy with Mushrooms

Bryan and Richard Cividanes with Host Defense discuss 3 specific mushroom supplements that can help

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Episode 101: Managing Stress with Good Gut Health

Part two in a two-part series on Gut Health. Bryan has Joanie back to help unpack the exciting poten

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Episode 100: Maximizing Gut Health with Spore Probiotics

In this episode, Bryan has a great conversation with Joanie Blaxter in a two-part series on Gut Heal

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Episode: 99 Building Better Blood

Erin joins Bryan to answer questions about the vital role of iron in the body * Who's at risk for ir

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Episode 98: Get To Know Saffron & Shilajit

Bryan and Joyce discuss how the latest research shows the benefits of Saffron & Shilajit on brain fu

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Episode 97: Managing Histamines From Your Food

Histamine intolerance to some foods can cause an "allergy-like" reaction that does not involve an im

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Episode 96: Thermogenic Weight Management

Heat up the season and melt away the holiday weight. Bryan invites Tim Prince to talk about an excit

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Everything Old is New Again

Episode: 95 Guest Jordan Rubin, the co-founder of Ancient Nutrition, joins Bryan to dive into the

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