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“Not” Back to School

August 29, 2020

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Stress Less Event, Sept. 8 @ Sunflower Shoppe (Colleyville)

A sneak peek as what's to come for the Stress Less event this September - watch now and mark your ca

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Healthy Immune System & Mushrooms

We all need a balanced, healthy immune system. Beyond popular herbal supplements for immunity, mushr

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Managing Stress

A must-see video with 3 easy things you can do right now to manage - and even master - stress. Find

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Cold & Flu Defense

Gear up your defenses now for cold and flu season. Jerry Angelini, National Science Educator for Hos

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How To Banish Belly Fat

Dr. Marita Schauch (ND, BSc), women's health expert, educator & author, explains why stubborn be

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Handling Hot Flashes

In Sunflower Shoppe's special series on hormones, Dr. Marita Schauch (ND, BSc), women's health exper

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Choosing the Right Greens Supplement

What should you look for in a greens supplements? Why should you "take your greens" in the first pla

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Multis for Moms: prenatal + postnatal supplements

Learn about the latest in prenatal nutrition and supplementation and after pregnancy (postnatal) for

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Sunflower Shoppe Raises $12,500 to Help Women & Children in Crisis at The Gatehouse Grapevine

As a proud supporter of and partner with Gatehouse Grapevine, we at Sunflower Shoppe thank you - our

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